Honey Do CharterS


From the fateful day in 1984 when Captain Steve vacationed in Islamorada, he knew the Florida Key’s is where he wanted to live, and his love of fishing would be how he would support himself. He returned to Memphis to work in his father’s garage but, like most of us who visit this incredible stretch of island paradise, the soon to be captain never mentally returned to life on land.

Captain Steve made the big move in 1994, worked as a mate on party boats, eventually bought his own boat and started Honey Do Charters. His goal was simple; to give people the same experience that first hypnotized him, ten years ago.

Steadily, the business grew with each great customer experience. To people who did not know any different, Captain Steve was helping people fish. In reality, for those few hours that customers were on his boat, he was providing people with the lifestyle they wish they could live. The fishing was secondary, merely the vehicle to take people to the place they dream about.

Risking it all to satisfy an undeniable desire to live the Florida Key’s lifestyle is what distinguishes Captain Steve from other fishing captains. A hunger so strong and with a passion that is unrivaled, Captain Steve was not going to take the chance of wondering “what if…”

Fishing certainly has no shortage of variables and uncertainties. Wind direction, tides, moon phases and temperatures are just some of the uncontrollable aspects that determine the outcome of the trip. Do yourself a favor and remove one of the biggest variables, your fishing captain. While Captain Steve Stone has been fishing these waters long enough to give you the best chance at catching the fish, this is not why you should fish him. Captain Steve Stone has the same intense passion for the Florida Key’s that grab a hold of your subconscious and infects your soul for the rest of your life. This is why you fish with Captain Steve and Honey Do Charters.